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Offering Colorado a REAL choice

2nd May,2022, political
Danielle for CO

The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

The Constitution Party has had a long standing history of running candidates for office that are willing to put principle over politics. For us this means that party lines take a backseat to a candidate's personal moral integrity to uphold the Constitution and the freedom it offers all of us citizens. If only voters cast their votes with the same in mind.

In the absence of this kind of candidate in a race for office, we will do everything we can to offer the citizens of the Country, State, County, or Municipality, a true option for their vote to stand for.

In Colorado in 2010, We watched as the Republican party foolishly selected two candidates seeking the nomination for the office of Governor, neither seemed to offer a better choice than the sitting Governor. So we were pleased when we could offer Congressman Tancredo and Representative Miller a position on the ballot for citizens of Colorado a real choice on election day.

This year we are witnessing the same thing emerging from the GOP. The two candidates seeking the nomination for Governor would leave the citizens of Colorado with the choice of choosing between two evils.

It is because of this desire to offer the citizens of Colorado a real choice that we are pleased to have Danielle Neuschwager and Darryl Gibbs run on our ticket for Governor and Lt. Governor. Now there is a real choice for Colorado!